So I’ve had this problem where i didn’t want to pay for internet at home because i wasn’t going to stay too long in that location and didn’t want to get hooked to an agreement for X amount of time.

I watch a lot of movies so i like to stream everything and had to find a way around not paying for an ISP.
And i did.

Now I use T-mobile which gives you unlimited data, generally i have 5gb high speed hotspot for tethering so i use this with my laptop for general surfing which works great all month round.
As for streaming, i used to do this with an iphone but now with android in the same principal.

I would stream content off of an PLEX server, a friend had many movies on his account he shared with me or moviebox app which is available without jailbreaking your iphone. I used a wifi extender to connect to with my apple tv. Note: you will need to spoof your connection for this to work so change your wifi ip to a static address i.e then the subnet mask to: and you should be back on your cellular but still connected to the wifi. Et voila!

This guide goes for both iphone and android but requires you have unlimited data such as T-mobile current offers or if you we’re grandfathered into AT&T back in the days for example.